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Websites for Non-Profits That Do More Than Just Look Pretty.

Your website is a key part of your organization's marketing

Is it pulling its weight?

Or is it letting you down?

Imagine for a minute...

No feeling of dread when logging into your site to edit content. No alerts for updates that may will break your site. Your daily workflows for website updates are easy and even enjoyable.

Back to reality. Your website doesn't meet your goals nor reflect your brand.

What if your website was a joy and easy to use? Non-profits are always stretching their resources Your organizations website can either save you valuable time or be a massive time suck. A well architected and designed website will eliminate these struggles.

It doesn't matter if your website is pretty if it doesn't help your organization. You need a high performing website that helps you reach your goals.

Websites Built With Your Goals In Mind

Fast and secure to protect your information

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Get found on search engines

Search Engine Optimized Website

Simple content editing

Integrate with your existing services

Great experience on every device

Mobile-friendly design

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Don't just take my word for it, look at the results Macchiato Marketing achieved for Attack Theatre.

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How We Do This

  1. Roadmapping We will dive deep into your organization and how your website fits in. We will conduct interviews of key personnel and site users to develop a list of features and goals for the website. This gives Macchiato Marketing a guide on how to build your site to achieve your goals.
  2. Design and Build While collaborating with you, our team will design and build your new website. You’ll have plenty of opportunity to review the development site throughout the build.
  3. Review You’ll have some time to play with the new site to explore its functionality and make sure it fits what your organization needs.
  4. Launch and Test The site will be taken live and we will monitor its performance looking for leaks in conversions and test the hypotheses from Roadmapping.
  5. Reiterate We will make changes to the site as needed to meet your goals.

Reserve Your Confidential Website Consultation